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By Evans Nwankwo, Chairman of the Board of Ambassadors for Self-determination

My People of Good Conscience and Champions of Human Rights,

I am sharing with you below email that I sent to the Mayor of Cincinnati, Congressman Greg Landsman of Ohio, and Congressman John James of Michigan. It is my hope that you will assist us by sending this document to every lawmaker within your circle of influence. This is the type of effort it will take to address this gross injustice for, as you know, injustice anywhere left unaddressed will become injustice everywhere.

I realize that, due to lack of capital, we had to suspend our current financial agreement as we know it until we get more revenue. I thought it wise none the less to make you aware of this opportunity and a chance to make history.

Mr. Kanu is a freedom fighter who happens to disagree with the government of Nigeria. As a result, the Nigerian government, in collaboration with the Kenyan government, tracked him while he was in Britain and finally kidnapped Mr. Kanu in Kenya while he was on official business. Mr. Kanu was tortured for eight days before rendition to Nigeria on June 19, 2021. Mr. Kanu was seen blindfolded, both legs chained with handcuffs and was flown in an unmarked Airplane to Nigeria. This obviously is illegal by all accounts.

We (The Indigenous People of Biafra) with our Attorney, filed a complaint to the UN working group in 2021, Federal High Court of Nigeria and Nigerian Appeal Court. Following a long investigation and research, all three courts have called for his immediate and unconditional release, yet the Nigerian Government keeps this innocent freedom fighter in captivity. Please see below the judgement from these courts.

  1. Please see the attached CONDENSED VERSION of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, opinion #25/2022. Essentially saying the following: Kanu immediate and unconditional release; compensation for his pain and suffering; bring all the persons involved in his kidnap to justice. Nigeria was given six months to report back to UN on the progress of this directives. This six-month period has come and gone, and yet this lawless Government continues to hold this innocent man behind bars.
  2. CONDENSED VERSION OF THE NIGERIA APPEAL COURT RULING. On October 13, 2022, the Nigeria Appeal Court, also rendered their own decision on the Extraordinary Rendition of Mr. Kanu. They also dismissed All Charges and called for the immediate release of Mr. Kanu. Till today, the Nigeria government keeps Mr. Kanu in solitary confinement. Mr. Kanu is prohibited to seek medical help to address his ill health. He is not allowed to see his family and undergoes daily physical and mental torture, including starvation, sleep depravity and isolation etc..
  3. CONDENSED VERSION OF THE FEDERAL HIGH COURT RULING. Later in October 2022, the Federal High Court of Nigeria (UMUAHIA JUDITIAL DIVISION) in Abia State Nigeria, also issued their ruling on the case of Extraordinary Rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Nigeria was ordered to release Mr. Kanu and send him back to Britain because he was traveling with a British Passport at the time of his kidnapping from Kenya by the Nigerian government.

We are looking for help from lawmakers locally and nationally to call for this innocent man’s release. I have been in touch with Congressman Greg Landsman regarding this matter. Any assistance from you including reaching out to Landsman would be great.

I will be leading a contingent of Cincinnatians to Washington DC this Wednesday for a Thursday rally at the National Press Club. Having a Lawmaker or two to stand with us would make a huge difference, see attached flyer.

Thank you very much for your involvement with this injustice because injustice anywhere unaddressed will become injustice everywhere.

Download UN Working Group

Download Nigeria Appeal Court Ruling

Download Federal High Court Ruling